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Back in January 2014 two savvy mums created a group on Facebook called Bargain Hunters. Bargain Hunters is for us and our members to share deals, coupons, freebies, sales, bargains, anything that helps us save.

The group began to grow quicker than expected and we were finding non stop deals. After a chat one day us two bargain hunting mummies decided to create a website where we can share the bargains we find.

From this we created DIY Top Tips on a Budget to help our member share their DIY adventures.

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DIY Top Tips on a Budget

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* In order for us to keep running and sharing the deals some of our links are affiliate links, this means that the companies will give us a few pennies for the sales we bring.

This does not on anyway affect the deals we share, we set up bargain catcher to help people like us save and continue to do so.